Jamaica: Pastor claims doggy style is evil — sex position causes strokes

Jamaica: Pastor claims doggy style is evil — sex position causes strokes

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Pastor Andrew Scott associated with better Functions Overseas Ministries in Portmore, who has got additionally told his congregation that utilizing dildos can attract forces that are demonic domiciles, recently delivered a sermon concerning the want to avoid “certain forms of intercourse”.

“The same way we speak about psychological disease, diabetes and murder, we must speak about intercourse. Intercourse is now rampant inside our culture, causing a large number of abortions|number that is high of, STDs in neck and lips, also among our teens and unmarried people; therefore spiritual leaders want to speak about intercourse,” Scott stated

He preached recently that: “Certain sorts of sex, him (males) couldn’t have it at house. Skip Mavis child nah get provide you with, you cya tek her and spin har pan no chandelier, or whip har. whipping, the whipcream, the handcuffs would be the items that prostitutes offered. However now dem nuh do not have work because we transfer dem to wi homes.”

“You should be in the place of your dog beast. Sad to express, a few females, it is yuh that is weh,” he stated, to much laughter from some users of the congregation. “Right’ positions would be a female lying on the back, on top of her, and guy and girl facing each other, a photo of real love.”

Expected to describe their stance regarding the matter, Scott referred to scholarly work.

“Right now, predicated on posted wellness articles, the style that is doggy place is an essential factor to males dying very early from strokes,” he said.

He additionally referenced a scripture which talked concerning the insatiable appetite that is sexual of females. 继续阅读“Jamaica: Pastor claims doggy style is evil — sex position causes strokes”