Meadowlands Casino Debated at East Coast Gaming Congress

Meadowlands Casino Debated at East Coast Gaming Congress

The Meadowlands Sports Complex has long drawn fans from New York, and some lawmakers hope a casino here could perform some same. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Since New Jersey first legalized casino gambling in 1976, it’s been grasped that casinos were only meant for Atlantic City in the Garden State. That made sense, at least at the time: the resort town had fallen out of favor with tourists, and gambling was viewed as a method to bring cash back in the local economy. However with increasing competition from Pennsylvania and the specter of New York gambling enterprises in the horizon, some in the state now want to build a casino in a location that could directly take on venues in neighboring states.

The idea of placing a casino in the Meadowlands located simply outside of New York City was floated again last week at the East Coast Gaming Congress in Atlantic City, attracting support along with concern from those in attendance.

‘A casino in north Jersey, to be taxed at 50 or 60 %, we could do a billion dollars in that location,’ stated Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, a Democrat. ‘we have to be fighting for those clients. That is just what Pennsylvania is doing. That’s what nyc wants to accomplish.’

Beating New York to the marketplace

Caputo’s idea is always to get a casino built into the Meadowlands before one is created in ny City. The first few licenses are only available in upstate regions while the state of New 继续阅读“Meadowlands Casino Debated at East Coast Gaming Congress”