above ground pool vacuum



Powered by Vortex Vacuum technology, the Polaris 9550 offers an outstanding performance in terms of restoring a pool to its hygienic condition. It is equipped with the special ability to handle almost all kinds of pool surfaces (both even and even) up to a length of 60 feet. A scrubbing brush with a sharp and sturdy blade provides the best cleaning solution to not only clean the pool floor but also its waterline and the walls.

As for the looks, it resembles a miniature sports car. It sports the basic automatic pool vacuum structure of a standard vacuum cleaner. Apart from a head unit, which powers the cleaner, it also involves a cable which acts as the connector between the head unit and the cleaner. Plus, it also consists of a caddy which accommodates the flexible cable once the cleaning is complete.

In terms of design, it has one of the well-thought-out designs among the vacuum cleaner variants that are currently available in the market. The characteristics of this neat and ingenious tool are given below.


  • 4 Aqua-Trax tires for excellent cleaning
  • ActivMotion Sensor for peerless navigation
  • Vortex Vacuum Technology to clean up larger debris
  • Rear water propulsion system to reach out the debris that stays put either in tight corners or below the stairs
  • Hand-held remote control system with a programmable timer for a week
  • Powder coated alloy caddy



The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus known as best robotic ryobi pool vacuum cleaners also considered as an amazing gadget and it cleans every corner of a swimming pool with precision. The best part about this gadget is its scanning ability powered by a superior technology.

When compared to the other variants that come across at the same price range at which this nifty gadget comes, it stands out as the pick of the bunch.

To begin with, it scans the dimensions of a pool accurately to offer an effective cleaning solution to it. It somewhat looks like a stylish Ford Focus and has a thoughtful design wherein everything is in the right place to restore the aesthetics of an untidy swimming pool. This equipment has the capability of cleaning up a pool within just a couple of hours.

At the bottom of the superior cleaning technology of this equipment is the superior navigation system linked to it which is also known as Active Scrubbing Brush. how to vacuum a pool It differs from the other brands in the sense that it can spin at 2x the speed of the cleaner of other brands, thereby scooping large debris within a matter of a few minutes.

Here are some of the highlights of this popular vacuum cleaner


  • The machine has the best navigation system powered by CleverClean technology
  • Improved scrubbing and wall climbing ability for effective removal of bacteria and other microbes
  • Active brush to remove stubborn dirt and large debris from the pool
  • Streamlined design to offer better access to filters so the machine remains clean and fit to be used again
  • Faster release mechanism for an easy removal of water
  • In-built anti-angle algorithms to prevent the cable wire from various constraints