Types of Cannabis Consumption

Types of Cannabis Consumption

Just like you will find countless strains of cannabis, there are numerous approaches to consume the plant because of its impacts. Below is a flowchart that is simple allow you to determine which techniques may perform best for your motives, followed closely by an outline of probably the most typical practices available.


Smoking the dried flower from the cannabis plant in a pipe, bong, or joint is a type of way of ingestion. The chain response that develops upon breathing occurs rapidly and delivers the cannabinoids to the body with extreme effectiveness.

Onset: within a few minutes of inhalation.

Duration: Impacts will generally peak within thirty moments and diminish anywhere from 1-3 hours.

Professionals: Using raw cannabis flower provides users probably the most control over the stress, source, and cannabinoid content than virtually any technique.

Cons: Flower with the exact same stress name may nevertheless differ in effectiveness, supply and content that is cannabinoid. The smoke produced from burning papers and lighter fluid chemical substances contain carcinogenic compounds. Users with compromised systems that are immune lung dilemmas must look into other ways of cannabis.


A smokeless, efficient type of breathing. Vaporizers temperature cannabis plant matter (or its oil) to a heat that forces trichomes away from the plant in to the vapors.

Onset: within minutes of breathing.

Duration: effects will peak before thirty generally moments and reduce in an hour or two.

Professionals: Portable vaporizers are far more discreet than smoking as there is certainly odor that is minimal which dissipates quickly. Bigger, fixed vaporizers that burn plant material is usually the cleanest, healthiest how to digest cannabis.

Cons: that vaporization is found by some users has weaker effects than many other kinds of cannabis. Making use of cartridges and natural oils from reputable businesses is incredibly crucial as there clearly was a chance of chemical solvents and poor materials with this transitional duration as safety and health laws are implemented. 继续阅读“Types of Cannabis Consumption”